Two Maids & A MopTM provides residential cleaning services to
homeowners throughout the Montgomery area
Dana Simpson - Owner Operator of Two Maids And A Mop Montgomery

After graduating from the University Of Tennessee, I started my career in real estate helping families build their dream homes. After a few years in the real estate business, I took a job as a Product Manager in the corporate world climbing the corporate ladder for the next 6 years. During this amazing time of my life, I also got married and we had our first child. However, after several months back at work it was apparent our child was very sick and was going to need more care. Our faith in God and many answered prayers later, we made the move to Alabama for my husband’s job, which allowed me to stay at home with our child.

We now have two beautiful, healthy children and I am so thankful to have been able to stay home with them for the past several years. As thankful as I am for that privilege, I've always wanted to go back to work and use my education. So I began searching for business opportunities that matched my idea of combining work with family life. The semi-absentee investment model that the Two Maids & A Mop franchise system offered seemed to be a great fit for my lifestyle. Plus, I absolutely fell in love with the company's commitment to improving the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment and their Pay-For-Performance Program.

I am still an active mother by day, but I'm also a business owner now and my efforts to build a successful housecleaning business has been a blessing for my family. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve the Montgomery area and that so many people in the surrounding areas trust my business. I hope to change lives by being a positive influence and serving others. We look forward to the opportunity to provide your next professional housecleaning.

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Proven history of success

Some people hire us because they think our name is cute. Some people hire us because we’re the first cleaning company to pick up the phone when they call. And some people hire us because their neighbor thinks so highly of our cleaning services that she tells the neighborhood. But if we had to pick one reason that you should hire our service – we’d pick the Two Maids Pay For Performance Plan. It’s our one, big, huge competitive advantage.

No other cleaning service in Montgomery can claim that customer feedback is more important to their company. At Two Maids & A Mop, your feedback directly determines our employees level of compensation. The happier our employees make you; the more money they’re able to earn with our company. It’s an awesome motivational tool and it creates owners out of every single one of our employees!